Che Guevara Autograph

Che Guevara

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This is Tom Georgens’s Autograph for fans.

Che Guevara

Name Ernesto Guevara
Nationality Argentina / Cuba
Place of birth Rosario, Argentina
Date of birth June 14, 1928
Graduated University of Buenos Aires
Belief Marxism, Leninism
Occupation Doctor, revolutionary, politician, writer

Che Guevara, born June 14, 1928 in Argentina, is an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, writer, guerrilla leader, military theorist, international politician, and a central figure in the Cuban revolution.

Che Guevara is one of the main founders and leaders of the Cuban Communist Party, the Republic of Cuba and the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces.He served as a senior leader of the Cuban government in 1959. After leaving Cuba in 1965, he went to the Third World to wage a guerrilla war against imperialism.Arrested in Bolivia in 1967 and subsequently killed.”Time” magazine selected Guevara as one of the top 100 influential figures of the twentieth century.

Revolutionary works

September 1952 Motorcycle Diary
May 1959 Guerrilla
1959 Memorial Poetry
1965 Farewell Poetry

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